NCHS senior earns welding certification at NWLTC

Chad Walker is a Natchitoches Central High School senior who started his second semester at NWLTC. John Young, NWLTC’s high school welding teacher, said, “Chad is an awesome person. Always on time, always ready to work. He gets in there and works from the time he arrives to the time class is out. I have never seen anyone work as hard as him, and it’s paying off.”

When Chad graduates from high school he will have earned his Welders Helper certification and will be a certified structural welder. His goal after graduation is to obtain a job and become a pipeline worker. He has already completed welding book 1 and completed the core curriculum. The beads he creates when he welds are solid and some of the best Young has seen in his many years of experience.

“Welding came naturally to me. It’s fun and I enjoy it,” Chad said when asked why he chose to pursue a welding career.

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