Kiwanians learn about Chimp Haven

By Natalie Covher


Kiwanians met for their first meeting under the new I-plan Thursday, Oct. 6 at the NSU Recreation Complex. Dion Boyett called the meeting to order, Lee Waskom led the pledge and Ron Brown led the prayer. Guests included Mary Gallien.

“We are excited to welcome the three members inducted at the last meeting and look forward to inducting another three members soon,” said Boyett.
Cathy Willis Spraetz, president and Chief Executive Officer of Chimp Haven was the guest. Spraetz presented information on Chip Haven the National Chimpanzee Sanctuary located in Caddo Parish. Spraetz invited everyone to attend discovery day at Chimp Haven Saturday, Oct. 15.

Chimp Haven is home to 209 chimpanzees including all federally owned chimpanzees. In 2015 a decision was made to retire all federally owned chimpanzees including those used in biomedical research.

“We feel like it is important to give back to the chimps that unwillingly gave so much to human kind,” said Spraetz.

Spraetz showed Kiwanians pictures of some of her favorite chimps and explained how the 200-acre facility is divided and utilized to provide chimps with a life of peace and freedom.
Kiwanis will meet again next Thursday at 6 p.m. for their first social at Dickeys BBQ.

“Bring a friend, bring a guest and help them know what it is like to be a Kiwanian,” said Boyett. “The Denver Broncos will be playing the San Diego Chargers and we will have a split the pot to benefit our future club socials.”