Chamber Endorses State Constitutional Amendment


The Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has endorsed state constitutional amendment #2 which grants autonomy to the higher education management boards to set their own fees and tuition without legislative approval.

“We watch each spring as higher education becomes a political football to be tossed about by legislators. It is past time we let the institutions decide what is best for themselves and the student they serve—just as 48 other states have already figured out,” says Chamber President Tony Davis. The Chamber understands that one of the most important benefits in allowing these decisions to be made at the system level is the ability to adjust tuition and fees among programs according to costs, rather than a flat rate, thus potentially reducing student costs.

“In Natchitoches, as in many communities around the state, the University plays a major role in the local economy and quality of life, “Janice Bolton, 2016 Chair of the Board, says “and it’s important we support these common sense reforms that strengthen the ability of our University’s to offer relevant and affordable programs while making adjustments as needed, when needed.”

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