City Marshal Randy Williams wanted to inform the following people that they have outstanding bench warrants through the Natchitoches City Marshal’s Office. The names on this list did not pay their fines in full nor did they return to court on the court date they were sentenced to by City Court Judge Gahagan. These individuals will need to clear up their fines and bench warrant fees at the City Marshal’s Office located at 373 Second St. to stop any further actions:

Ray Anderson, 1301 W 5th St, Natch, La- Loud Music
Leonard Ellis, 207 E 6th St, Natch, La- Open Container
Kevin Evans, 169 Caspari St, Natch, La- Criminal Trespass
Dinesha Landrus, 500 North St Apt 14, Natch, La- TBS
Timothy Pier, 428 Sanford St, Natch, La- Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Lance Taylor, 1216 Phillips St, Natch, La- Delaying Traffic
Alisha Bradley, 830 E Carroll St, Coushatta, La- Exp MVI
Samuel Bush, 1225 St. John, Natch, La- Exp MVI
Chase Carey, 218 Ralph St, Natch, La- Modified Exhaust
Patrice Howard, 117 T Joe St, Natch, La- Unlicensed Driver, Obstruction of Traffic/Street/Highway
Antonio Hudson, 217 Paula, Natch, La- NSB, Exp MVI
Jameshia Hunt, 100 Maria Apt B1, Natch, La- Exp MVI
Brittany Hymes, 141 Howell St, Natch, La- Unlicensed Driver
Jeremy Martin, 114 Royal, Natch, La- Exp MVI
Charles McCray, 100 Maria LN H2, Natch, La- Exp MVI
Asia McGraw, 128 D Reba, Natch, La- NCR, No DL
Catherine Merritt, 400 Lakeview #4304, Natch, La- Exp MVI
Hiram Phillips, 1103 Grayson St, Natch, La- No DL
Timesha Walker, 440 Fairgrounds, Natch, La- NSB
Christopher Washington, 182 M Washington Rd, Natch, La- No DL
Tiffany Brimsey, 132 Carter St, Natch, La- TBS

Trial (T):
Leonard Ellis, 207 E 6th St, Natch, La- SPOM
George Emmitt, 918 Bayou Jacko St, Natch, La- TBS, Criminal Trespass
Daniel Ryder, 1364 Payne St, Natch, La- Resisting an Officer
Elsie Booker, 1316 Washington St, Natch, La- Unlicensed Driver, Ran Stop Sign
Kendrick Brown, 440 Fairgrounds, Natch, La- DUS
Charlene Beaudion, 294 Bennet Loop, Natch, La- Criminal Conspiracy
Matthew Durr, 940 Second St, Natch, La- Public Possession of Alcohol Under 21