Assistant Finance Director Shawna Straub was named Employee of the month for October. Shawna has worked with the City of Natchitoches for 11 years and was recognized for her attention to detail, willingness to work with all departments, and creative vision and grant writing skills.

“Shawna is a great asset to the City. She is thoughtful and smart and is always figuring out ways to help support the City’s mission and goals. She has spent endless hours writing grants,” stated Dallas Russell, Community Programs and Outreach Manager for the City of Natchitoches. “She is supportive of her co-workers, and she takes time to research best practices and is mindful of the big picture. I have enjoyed working with Shawna and have learned a lot from her.”

Director of Finance Patrick Jones added, “It was her creative vision that led to her recommendation to rededicate the water and sewer tax instead of proposing a new tax to have funds available to upgrade our streets, drainage and parks. With the approval by our voters to allow the rededication, her idea has become a reality. This source of funding will have a huge positive impact upon our city immediately and in future years.”

Shawna Straub was presented with an Employee of the Month Plaque by Mayor Lee Posey and received a gift certificate to Maglieaux’s for her hard work and dedication.

From left are Stacy McQueary, Corey Roberson, Jill Raynes, Lisa Borders, Steve Stinger, Mayor Lee Posey, Shawna Straub, Pat Jones, Edd Lee and Dallas Russell.