Three LSMSA instructors present at LATM/LSTA joint conference


Three instructors from the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts presented at the Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics and Louisiana Science Teachers Association joint conference held Oct. 24-26 in Baton Rouge.
Dr. Allison Landry presented “Teaching with Water Models.” Her program showed participants how to use water model kits to teach about properties of water such as polarity, hydrogen bonding, cohesion, adhesion and solvency.

Landry has taught biology and related elective classes at LSMSA since 2005.
Brad Burkman led “Constructing Centers.” He used a compass and straightedge to construct the midpoints, altitudes, perpendicular bisectors and more of a triangle. Participants received a compass, ruler, colored pencils, eraser and packets of worksheets.
Burkman has taught math at LSMSA since 2003.

Dr. Chris Hynes presented “What’s in a Picture? Using ImageJ for Making Measurements.” ImageJ has been used in the classroom for making scientific measurements upon images taken by students, i.e. transform qualitative information into quantitative information. Projects can inspire pragmatic discussions of the scientific method, basic math, geometry, art, nature, science and statistics. Projects illustrated in this presentation included numerical definitions of color (what is yellow?), image subtraction (what in the image was photoshopped?), lengths, areas and angles (within microscope or geography images) and color intensity (Beer’s Law).

Hynes has taught chemistry at LSMSA since 1994.
The Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics is an educational organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics in Louisiana’s schools, to assist other organizations in promoting interest in mathematics in Louisiana and to collaborate with other organizations of teachers of mathematics.

The Louisiana Science Teachers Association is an organization of Louisiana science educators dedicated to the advancement of scientific literacy at all levels. It provides members with current information on science education, upcoming science education professional development workshops, science education grant and award opportunities, science teacher trainings as well as an annual professional development conference.

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