Interdepartmental Training at the Grand Ecore Training Grounds


LSU-FETI Instructor Kris King along with Gray Young set up the vehicle fire simulator, also known as the “Car-B-Que”! Members from Natchitoches Parish Fire Districts 1, 4, 5 and 6 watched as D4 and D6 members bunked out with complete Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to practice approaches to flaming vehicles.

Things to be aware of if you ever come upon a car fire: newer cars have MANY more hazards than cars 10 years and older such as side impact/side curtain airbags, hydraulic struts on hoods, bumpers and hatchbacks that can explode when heated, sending metal shards out, plastic fuel tanks and hybrids with batteries that can cause fire up to 24 hours after a collision.

Without proper safety equipment please do not approach a vehicle fire, especially if there are no occupants in it.