Cane River Lake Notice – November 15, 2016

Cane River Lake

Cane River Lake level:  97.4 MSL (pool stage 98.0 MSL), the lake and all landings are open.

Upcoming events:  Fireworks Displays 2016
November 19- 7:00 pm
November 26- 7:00 pm
December 03- 6:00 pm (Christmas Festival)
December 10- 7:00 pm
December 17- 7:00 pm
December 23- 7:00 pm (Friday Night)
December 31- 7:00 pm
Boats wishing to attend fireworks displays are required to be behind the
Yellow Safety buoys 1 hour before the display.  For more information contact
Betty Fuller @ 318-617-3235.  Christmas Festival is an amazing time in
Natchitoches for more information about the festival and required arm
Bands contact Jill Leo @ 318-652-7078.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, and remember to Boat Safe, Boat Sober, and
always wear your life jackets!

Betty Fuller
Cane River Patrol