Letter to the Editor: Appreciation from hundreds of miles away

I have always appreciated and enjoyed NPJ since it’s inception, but now that I am hundreds of miles away in the Boston area, I am especially appreciative of being able to keep current on what is going on in my beloved Natchitoches; the good, bad and the UGLY. The ugly of which seems to be taking precedence over the others right now. Corey Poole and the rest of the staff are doing an outstanding job. I especially enjoy the articles penned by fellow NGHA member avid historian, collector, preservationist and critical thinker, Joe Darby. He is able to give you the accurate history on a situation, which sometimes can be mundane and/or rather boring with enough pizazz and humor to keep you interested. I also am fascinated with Junior Johnson’s articles. Kevin Shanahan’s articles share progressive and honest thoughts on the “the way we are” rather than Junior’s sharing of “the way we were.” Ponderings With Doug are certainly very thought provoking and often times conscious raising which our community needs.

Being so far away and missing my daily interactions with people I respect and love, gave me many occasions of sadness, but the ability to keep abreast of what is happening in Natchitoches via NPJ and the added voice of The Real Views to give me the other perspective on things is a real joy. As those of you who know me are aware, I do not always agree with the popular opinions of those movers and shakers in town, but I try always to respect their beliefs and ideas about things important to them and to me.

Having said all of this, I want to via this medium, thank and commend Janice Bolton and her agency for always stepping up to the plate for those who need support and care. I am always amazed that she does this without the hoopla and fanfare most people are seeking when they reach out in this manner. Thank you NPJ and The Real View for keeping me informed and feeling close to home. I also want to sincerely thank all my family and friends who showed such love as I was preparing to leave. There were so many I would not dare try to name them, but THANK YOU. You know who you are !!!

Forever Natchitoches’ “Homegirl,” Shirley A. Small-Rougeau

One thought on “Letter to the Editor: Appreciation from hundreds of miles away

  1. How sweet of Shirley. Miss her. Was such a joy to work with her in various community projects and in selling her house. Natchitoches will always be “home” to her, though. Love my job!

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