New Master Lift Station will enable future expansion of City


The City adopted a resolution June 13 to execute an agreement with the Louisiana Office of Community Development for sewer improvements. The initial scope of the work was to rehabilitate the existing Master Lift Station at the corner of Sadia St. and Hwy. 1 South.
A resolution was adopted at a City Council meeting Nov. 14 to change the scope of work, to build a new Master Lift Station at a separate site down the road

The City purchased land behind Lott Oil to build the new station, which will replace the existing station. This will better correct the current issues noted in the original LCDBG application, which was for $600,000. A new Master Lift Station will cost $2.3 million. The total estimated City share will now be $1.7 million plus $500 per day of LCDBG penalties for administrative and engineering contract conditions clearances. The Office of Community Development approved the project Oct. 13 in a letter.

According to Interim Utility Director Charles Brossette, the current Master Lift Station is around 25 years old. The original plan to rehab the building wouldn’t help with future expansion. The new station will double the capacity. The old station will be evacuated and sanitized until plans are made on what to do with the building.

The average daily flow is 2.5 million gallons per day of treated sewer. On a peak day it jumps to 6 million gallons. With the new station it will increase the capacity to 6 million gallons for an average daily flow.

“When it came time for repairs, we decided to move the station to a better location rather than spend the money on something we’d eventually outgrow,” he said.

Assistant Utility Director Matt Anderson and Water and Sewer Superintendent Sean Colson explained the pros of the new station build. There will be no down time during the build and relocation of the sewer lines. The pipes will be laid to the new location and then the sewage will be redirected to the new station. The project is estimated to take around 8 months once bids are received and accepted.

The new station has an air processing center to control odor, so residents in the area will be pleased when the regular odor emanating from the plant gets eliminated.
Overall, it will be a more stable treatment process. The new location will help keep the station out of the public eye, and nose.

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