Key to success: God, love, forgiveness and patience

waddle-weddingBarbara and Doyle Waddle of Campti celebrated their 50th Anniversary surrounded by friends and family at United Baptist Church in Campti Nov. 19. Barbara and Doyle were high school sweethearts at Campti High School. She was a cheerleader and he was an athlete.

They were married Nov. 26, 1966, a year after they graduated. They moved to New Orleans so Doyle could go to college and had two children: Robbie and Keith. They moved back to Campti in 1972.

Barbara said the secret to any successful marriage is putting God first and looking to him for guidance. The couple must also possess the following traits: loving, forgiving and patient.

The couple said their party meant a lot to them and it was heartwarming to celebrate with everyone. While they knew they were having a party, Barbara said their sons and daughters-in-law planned the whole thing.

“It was all very exciting,” she said.

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