City recognizes employees for years of service


10 Year Employees:
(l-r) David Stevenson, Irving Barfield, Timothy Pulley, Brandon Johnson, James Matthews, and Stephen Wilkerson. Not pictured are Joshua Isbell and William Turner

The City of Natchitoches recognized employees for their years of service at an Employee Appreciation Luncheon Nov. 23.  Mayor Lee Posey thanked each employee for their hard work and dedication to the City of Natchitoches.

Before the recognitions were announced, a moment of silence was acknowledged for those employees and retirees of the City of Natchitoches who passed away in the past year.  Those remembered included Bryan Wimberly (Utility Director), Sonya Conant (City Court) and John Harris (Community Development).

Retirees honored at the luncheon included Tommy Solomon (Utility, 16 years), Dwane Steadman (Utility – Sewer, 20 years), Harry Garsee (Utility – Sewer, 25 years), Connie Guy (Utility Annex, 28 years), and Bob Hayward (Utility – Electrical, 32 years).

Employees recognized for 10 years of service included Irving Barfield (Fire), Joshua Isbell (Fire), Brandon Johnson (Public Works), James Matthews (Utility – Electrical), Timothy Pulley (Fire), David Stevenson (Public Works), William Turner (Fire), and Stephen Wilkerson (Fire).

Employees recognized for 15 years of service were Sherri Edwards (Utility – Electrical), Rodney Jacobs (Purchasing), Larry Lucas (Public Works), Keith McDonald (Police), Kelly Parks (Police), Mark Perkins (Utility – Electrical), and Jessica Williams (Police).

Those celebrating 20 years of service included Renee Bennett (Utility), Lisa Borders (Finance), Nikeo Collins (Police), Ross Desadier (Police), David Dobson (Utility – Electrical), Robert Griffin (Fire), Albert Law (Utility – Sewer), Miranda Mayrand (Police), Billy Meziere (Police), Gayle Pattain (Public Works), Arnold Scott (Fire), Glen Tate (Public Works), and John Wynn, Jr. (Fire).

Recognized for 25 years of service were Rodney Achord (Utility – Electrical), Clinton Carpenter (Utility – Sewer), Lydia Lewis (Utility Annex), Chris Payne (Police), Alan Stanfield (Fire) and Brad Walker (Police).

Tim Crump (City Garage) and Donald Wafer (Utility – Sewer) were recognized for 35 years of service.

35 Year Employees: (l-r) Tim Crump and Donald Wafer

25 Year Employees: (l-r) Rodney Achord, Lydia Lewis and Brad Walker. Not pictured are Clinton Carpenter, Chris Payne, and Alan Stanfield.

20 Year Employees: (l-r) Glen Tate, John Wynn, Jr., Robert Griffin, Nikeo Collins, Ross Desadier, David Dobson, Renee Bennett, Lisa Borders, and Gayle Pattain. Not pictured are Albert Law, Miranda Mayrand, Billy Meziere and Arnold Scott.

15 Year Employees: (l-r) Sherri Edwards, Rodney Jacobs, and Kelly Parks. Not pictured are Larry Lucas, Keith McDonald, Mark Perkins and Jessica Williams


Retirees: Tommy Solomon.  Not pictured Dwane Steadman, Harry Garsee, Connie Guy and Bob Hayward.