Advanced Cosmetic Techniques: Experts in Permanent Makeup

By Laura Prissy Scott

Let’s face it—how we look influences how we feel about ourselves and that matters.
Some people believe that permanent makeup is all about how you look on the outside. Actually, it’s about changing lives and how people feel about themselves inside and out.

For over 30 years, Jennifer Johnson Threadgill has been changing people’s lives by building inner confidence in her client’s appearance.

“This confidence exudes its energy into their personality—shaping the way they face the world on a daily basis,” explains Jennifer.

Jennifer’s mother, Gloria Jean “G.J.” Normand, is one of the founding members of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (S.P.C.P.), and Jennifer is one of the organization’s first approved trainers. Both are Certified Clinical Electrologists and have been applying permanent pigments in the skin since 1985.

The mother and daughter duo have set high standards for themselves and their associates, garnering them widespread respect. They are nationally recognized as experts in the application and art of permanent makeup.

As experts in the field, they have traveled throughout the U.S. lecturing and demonstrating at educational symposiums for permanent cosmetic professionals. Clients, as well as students, have traveled hundreds of miles for their advice and expertise.

Through her use of permanent cosmetics, Jennifer grew a passion for giving people an extra boost of self-confidence into a thriving practice, Advanced Cosmetic Techniques.

Jennifer and her team perceive countless possibilities for cosmetic tattooing. “Advanced Cosmetics strives to insure every client gets the individual attention they need for their desired results,” explains Jennifer.

She believes the key to their success is having an artistic ability, understanding the needs of their clients, and their in-depth knowledge of skin.

Although Advanced Cosmetics has grown throughout its history, they still offer services that include eyeliner, eyebrows, and lip liner. Today, they offer a variety of other options as well. These services include: full lip tint, blush, under eye concealer, repigmentation, scar camouflage and beauty marks.

“Permanent cosmetics benefit our clients by increased confidence and is a time saving convenience,” says Jennifer. “We specialize in makeup that won’t smudge, smear or wash-off; eliminating the waste of time in application, and providing a more natural look.”

Consultations are free and Jennifer wants to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season by giving you $50 off of any new procedure. Call 318-352-4983 for more details and gift certificates.

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  1. Thank you so very much, Prissy, for your wonderful presentation about Advanced Cismetic Tevhniques. I am so very proud of my daughter, Jennifer and her artistic associate, Karen, for making so many lovely clients more beautiful for the last thirty years. As I’m sure you know, we’ve had the privilege of being on national television several times and shared what we’ve experienced in this exciting profession. Our video (an introduction to permanent makeup can be viewed on our website at
    Yes, I an certainly one proud mother.
    Sincerely, Gloria Jean (GJ) Normand
    Thanks again for your great article.

  2. Thank you Prissy Scott and The Natchitoches Parish Journal for such a good article on our services that we offer at Advanced Cosmetic Techniques. We look forward to meeting and working with each client to meet their needs.

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