Ponderings with Doug – December 9, 2016

Do you know Kelli Sampson?

I see her several times a week.

Returning home after a boat outing and the subsequent trip to the Exxon station, there was Kelli on the billboard smiling at me. Since boating is a pleasurable thing and I celebrate not destroying the gas station with my terrible towing skills, Kelli’s smiling face was always an encouragement driving home. Then Kelli popped up in other places. I see her when I return to town from the South after making hospital visits. Her joyous countenance greets me from the West when I have been out of town and coming back home. Kelli Sampson seems to be everywhere.

The other day I was getting my hair cut, or as I call it “getting my mop mowed.” Wayne bragged about Kelli. He told me about the Lion’s club and their celebration for Veterans and First Responders in our area. Kelli is a member of the Lion’s Club and worked hard on the celebration. You know she is cool since Pizza was involved! I heard how energetic she is. How hard working she is. What a successful business woman she is. I have new knowledge to go with the face that has smiled at me for years. At least now, I know someone who knows Kelli. I have done an unofficial survey and many Methodists know Kelli too.

With the Internet, I can google Kelli and learn more about her. Her picture is on a website. I respect the opinions of those who hold her in high regard. I know what she does for a living and that she is a nice person. I have easily accessible public information about Kelli Sampson. Therefore I know her; right?

We are all decorated up for Christmas festival. Signs of Jesus are everywhere in Natchitoches. We are gearing up for Christmas. Folks are flocking here indirectly because of Jesus. I am sure that many of these folks know Jesus.

I am also certain that many of these people know about Jesus. They admire His social justice stances. They hold Him up as an example of one who cared for the poor and down trodden. He can be admired for elevating the role of women in society. He can be studied as a speaker, motivator and teacher. One can know much about Him and not know Jesus.

To know Jesus is to follow Him. It is surrendering your life to His leadership and direction. It is trusting Him with today and tomorrow. Knowing Jesus means His love has changed you. You are not who you once were because Jesus gave you a new heart and a new life.

People come to Natchitoches because we celebrate Christmas in a wonderful way. We should be proud of our celebration. We are the city of lights, but do you know what the light means? It does afford an opportunity to ponder that question, do you know Jesus or do you only know about Jesus. Knowing Jesus personally brings joy for this day and peace for eternity.

If you didn’t get that, try this. I know a little bit about Kelli Sampson, but I don’t know her personally. Even with all the good I have heard, I have no relationship with her. I did call her to ask if I could write about her. She was delightful on the phone. Now I have been introduced to Kelli. Thank you Kelli for assisting in illustrating this truth; you can know about someone and not know them.

In matters of the soul, the head and the heart both need to know Jesus.

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