If you’ve got news, we want it!

Journalism today is a fast-paced industry that is evolving to utilize technology and deliver content in a timely manner. In a world where almost everyone owns a smartphone, stories about local crime and town events are instantly available.

While this is creating a more well-informed society, fast fingers and courageous initiative in the journalism industry has become a necessity. It’s no longer enough to simply cover the story. Writers must work outside the box to bring innovative coverage to their markets. To be a cutting edge publication, the Natchitoches Parish Journal strives to build relationships with its readers, while constantly educating the public on its services and providing free news updates. We want to inform the community with news that matters and stories that strengthen the bonds between friends and neighbors.

It’s all about staying connected and the NPJ can help you do just that. It’s news today when you need it, not tomorrow when it’s old news.

Submitting news is easy. Simply send an email to NPJNatLa@gmail.com. Submissions should include a photo/photos, date, location, description and names of people/organizations/businesses involved.

Types of News to submit:
Community and Church events
School news
Class reunions
Anniversary stories
Birthday parties
Engagement notices
Wedding announcements
Volunteer opportunities
Award or honor presentations
Local sports
Strange occurrences
Funny stories
Letters to the Editor
Historical articles
Business updates