Radio M*A*S*H 2016 – George would be proud

The 21st Annual Radio M*A*S*H wrapped up this past Saturday, December 10th. Radio M*A*S*H was created by the Elite Radio Group in 1996 to promote the annual toy drive with the Natchitoches Area Jaycees. The event is held on the second week of December each year, when Elite Radio Group moves its entire operation to the Wal-Mart parking lot. This year’s event was dedicated to George G. S. Sluppick, who passed away earlier this year.

The temperatures were quite chilly this year, but the warmth and generosity shown by the residents of Natchitoches Parish kept spirits high at the tent. In total, the event raised $18,950.00 in cash and toys.

Elite would like to thank First Federal Bank and Burger King, the overall corporate sponsors of the event. Thanks also to the business community who provided the sponsorships to cover the cost of the operations, thereby ensuring that 100% of the Cash and Toys make their way to many less-fortunate boys and girls ensuring they will have a Merry Christmas.

George would sure be proud of the generosity of the Natchitoches Parish residents this Christmas Season.

Bill Vance
Market Manager
Elite Radio Group
949 The River
1450 KNOC