Shopper informs NPJ of bomb threat at Walmart


Michelle Longlois provided pictures and information to the Natchitoches Parish Journal stating that Natchitoches City Police officers came into Walmart around noon today, Dec. 13, in regards to a bomb threat. According to Longlois, the officers asked everybody to leave their baskets and exit the store.
“Then they shared it was a bomb threat,” she said.
NPJ will publish more information when it becomes available.

3 thoughts on “Shopper informs NPJ of bomb threat at Walmart

  1. You must take precautions in every case such as this, just like in similar cases in local High Schools….Deranged people walk among us, and this is TERRORISM without a doubt; however, there has never been a case that the person responsible has been treated harshly by the law when apprehended. Excuses are always made in behalf of the person responsible and they usually get away with a slap on the hand because in their warped mind they wanted ATTENTION….Well, give them the attention that they want on the front page of every newspaper in the Country…..”This Individual WILL spend the rest of their miserable lives in jail.

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