Update on Robeline Marthaville Water System


Members of the Robeline Marthaville Water System Board, FD 1 Chief Doug Birdwell, Water System Operator Randy Byrd and CDC President and CEO Knox Ross discuss options for fixing the pumps at the plant.

Members of the Board of the Robeline-Marthaville Water System and System Operator Randy Byrd met today, December 20, with Knox Ross, President and CEO of The Coordinating and Development Corporation of Shreveport.

Knox learned about the System’s crisis after reading The Natchitoches Parish Journal and immediately extended a helping hand. He immediately contacted Natchitoches Parish President Rick Nowlin who in turn contacted Governor John Bel Edwards’ office for emergency assistance. A designee from Governor Edwards’ office has agreed to visit the plant site this week to take a first hand look at the problem we are experiencing.

Our goal is to have new equipment installed at the plant prior to Christmas so that all customers will have water available for the holidays. We are very optimistic that a solution is at hand as a result of Governor John Bel Edwards, Parish President Rick Nowlin, Knox Ross of CDC and The Natchitoches Parish Journal getting involved. We will be posting updates as we progress. Tomorrow, we will be providing all necessary info needed to obtain this emergency funding.

Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding.

Tommy O’Con
Robeline Marthaville Water System

Water System Operator Randy Byrd explains the dire situation the Robeline Marthaville Water System faces.

One thought on “Update on Robeline Marthaville Water System

  1. To have the water system fixed by Christmas , would be a Christmas miracle! I don’t see that happening, we were told at the meeting it would take six to eight weeks. That’s if the board can find the money. This water system need to be sold to people who care about the quality of our water.Not just lining their pockets. I can’t believe that after the money woes of town hall, people would entrust the same person to be the Present of our Board. Nepotism at it’s finest!!

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