Family surprised with new furnace for Christmas


Axsom Air received a nomination from Sondra Gay for Myesha House as part of its “Heat the Town” Program. House’s furnace had a cracked heat exchanger. This was putting dangerous carbon monoxide directly into the house through the ductwork for the family to breathe. The ceiling around some of the vents was soiled with soot.

“Levels of carbon monoxide can cause asthma like symptoms, cold symptoms and even death,” said Josh Axsom. “Carbon monoxide poisoning kills approximately 40,000 people a year.”

Josh got on phone with Lennox Industries to tell them about the condition of the furnace and they generously agreed to donate the unit.

“Team AxsomAir was so happy to be a part of blessing Myesha with the gift of heat,” said Josh. “Team members Kerry McCormic and Ryan Richard donated their time to make this happen and Tommy Manry of Solar Supply donated parts.”

While House was out, Axsom employees got to work installing the new unit. House had a surprise waiting for her when she got home, a new Lennox furnace complete with a shiny red bow.

“My kids and I are so thankful for this blessing,” said House. My daughter cried tears of joy when she made it home. Thank you again.”

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  1. Beautiful story and wonderful people, they also helped my parents and I will be forever grateful..God bless them

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