DRA funding will get water flowing to Robeline and Marthaville in time for the holidays


The Robeline Marthaville Water System received the gift of water, just in time for Christmas. “We’re looking at having running water by tomorrow,” said Leslie Durham, Governor John Bel Edwards’ Designee for the Delta Regional Authority.

DRA contributed $27,000 of emergency funding to provide reliable drinking water to the 475 residents on the Robeline-Marthaville Water System at a meeting Thursday, Dec. 22. DRA’s investment will be matched by $5,000 in local funds to replace a 30-year-old water tank.

“We are grateful for the DRA’s immediate approval of our request to fund a new pump that will deliver running water to all residents and businesses on our system,” said Tommy O’Con, chairman of the Water System Board. “This allows us to purchase the pump today and install it immediately to provide running water just in time for the holidays.”

The meeting including Water System Board members; Parish President Rick Nowlin; members of the NPSO Office of Emergency Preparedness; Knox Ross, president and CEO of the Coordinating and Development Council of Shreveport; a representative from the Dept. of Health and Hospitals; M.E. “Toye” Taylor, deputy chief of staff for intergovernmental affairs at the Office of the Governor and members of the Louisiana Rural Water Association.

The Robeline-Marthaville Water System experienced a “catastrophic failure of its main pressure water tank,” the Water System said in its application for DRA funding. Buying a new pump will return reliable potable water to customers, including the 370-students at Marthaville Elementary and Junior High School.

“Drinking water is essential to every community, and DRA is committed to taking swift action to make investments that ensure the Delta has the infrastructure in place to deliver dependable water for residents,” said DRA Chairman Chris Masingill. “In this case, we acted within 24 hours on the Robeline-Marthaville request, and I’m grateful to our Board of Directors for approving this emergency funding today. Our actions this week clearly demonstrate DRA’s pledge to support infrastructure improvements that are vital to communities across the Mississippi River Delta region.”

6 thoughts on “DRA funding will get water flowing to Robeline and Marthaville in time for the holidays

  1. A pressure pump was purchased to replace the pressure tank. The tank was moved out of the way and disconnected. If there was a misunderstanding, it was only a typo. I encourage everyone to get involved with your water system, nothing is more important than safe clean reliable drinking water. You don’t understand that until you don’t have it. Governor John Bel Edwards was able to coordinate a solution and have it executed within 24 hours, once he was made aware of the situation. I am so thankful the people of the Robeline – Marthaville communities now have running water to everyone. I believe we have witnessed a Christmas miracle because I have never seen government work that fast. Yes there is more work to be done, but I hope the residents are able to rest and enjoy the holidays. Merry Merry Christmas!

  2. For the residents of the Marthaville-Robeline area, I am relieved that a solution has been found. I hope this near-catastrophic problem will cause the Board to develop a long term plan that will provide a greater volume of high quality drinking water for several generations to come.

  3. The press release from DRA states that the funds are to be used to buy a new pressure water tank. Tommy’s part says it’s to buy a new pump. Is that a violation of the grant money??

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