All he wanted for Christmas was mail


Jennifer Hill-Robertson’s son Sean, is an 11-years-old who loves getting mail. Sean has requested that he receive 25,000 Christmas cards and mail this year.

Sean wants to thank everyone from Natchitoches and all around the world for sending him cards, letters, and notes. He has over 700 cards so far. While he might not be able to reach his goal, there still is time!

Students at the Natchitoches Jr. High-Frankie Ray Jackson got involved and made cards for Sean.

Sean has Autism Spectrum Disorder, Bilateral Sensorineural hearing loss, and hypoparathyroidism. Because of his exceptionality and difficulty with social skills and pragmatics, Sean is often the target of bullying and is picked on by students at his school.

His goal last year was 1,000 cards. He received over 10,000 cards and pieces of mail. It was truly amazing!

“I started this for him because he has been the object of teasing, bullying, and being picked on by his peers at school,” said Jennifer. “Since an incident occurred where he was hit in the face with rocks and broken pencils, he has asked me to help him get mail. It’s very hard for him to understand why children are so cruel. I want him to know that there are good people out there and not everyone is mean.”

Sean reads every letter and card. With his mother’s help he takes the stamps and the stickers and puts them in an album. He loves Mickey Mouse, anything Disney, the Avengers, art, music, stickers, stamps, geography, history, science, the Saints, and the LSU Tigers.

Anyone interested in sending mail can mail it to: Sean Stewart, P.O. Box 359, Natchitoches, Louisiana 71458.