Winter Precipitation Could Impact the State


The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) is urging everyone to prepare for the coldest weather of the season expected later this week. The National Weather Service (NWS) indicates winter precipitation is likely to impact some portions of the state beginning Friday.

The NWS Shreveport office supplied the following information:

Timing and Overview:
A cold front moving into the area Thursday evening will reinforce a Canadian air mass already in place. Temperatures will fall well into the 20s Thursday night. As moisture moves into the area and clouds begin to thicken by daybreak Friday morning, a light precipitation may begin to fall and increase across the area by midday Friday. While much of this precipitation may fall in the form of rain south of Interstate 20, a snow and sleet mix can be expected north of Interstate 20. Due to the fast moving nature of this upper level disturbance, Precipitation should quickly taper off by Friday night into early Saturday morning.

Due to the fast moving nature of this upper level system, precipitation amounts should remain fairly light. Also, as daytime temperatures on Friday rise to above freezing, around the upper 30s across northern sections of the area, snowfall and sleet should melt quickly after reaching the ground. However, with temperatures quickly falling to below freezing Friday evening, bridges and overpasses may become slick or even impassable as melted water begins to refreeze. Also, depending upon the timing of the onset of the precipitation Friday, unexpected slick spots may develop on roadways during the morning rush hour traffic.

GOHSEP Director James Waskom said, “Please be aware of possible dangerous conditions later this week. Any change in the forecast could cause additional problems in other areas. Get a game plan to protect friends or loved ones who may not be prepared to handle freezing temperatures. Protect your pets from the cold. If travel is in your plans, visit for updates on road conditions. GOHSEP is closely monitoring this weather threat and stands ready to support our local partners and state agencies if help is needed. Download the new Get A Game Plan App to help develop your personal emergency plans. Download the ALERT FM App to receive emergency weather alerts on your smartphone or tablet. Look for more updates from the National Weather Service and your local media.”

Find more tips on weather and preparedness on GOHSEP’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can receive emergency alerts on most smartphones and tablets by downloading the new Alert FM App. It is free for basic service. The Get A Game Plan App is another resource available to help you and your family prepare for any type emergency. You download the Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Guide and find other information at