Groundbreaking Ceremony for riverbank renovation set for January 10th


The City of Natchitoches and the Cane River Waterway Commission will host a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Rue Beauport Riverfront Project Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 11 a.m. on the South end of the riverbank in downtown Natchitoches.

4 thoughts on “Groundbreaking Ceremony for riverbank renovation set for January 10th

  1. 3 million of the money was collected through a tax that was supposed to be spent on the upkeep of Cane River and did not come out of any road fund. When the river turns into nothing more then a pond running along front street and a ditch the rest of the way to the end what will they say? But we will have a great place to sit and look at the pond! This is the Commissions fault for not doing their job and putting the river first.

  2. shouldn’t the city / parish be spending money on road improvement instead of re-doing the river bank ? Myabe fix the roads so that people can get to the river bank without losing a front end or tie rod .

    • Agreed! Or at LEAST finish the South Drive project from Hancock to the bridge! That makes no sense to me. And Fish Hatchery Rd is a mess as are many other roads!

      • Not quite sure where the citys head at with spending money,we are beyond
        needing major work done to out roads but we continue to spend on un-necessary stuff like the riverbank.
        I drive to avoid pot holes in west side of parish and in other areas of the city,i would rather get a ticket for swerving then buy a tire rod or front end to to a pot hole.

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