2017 Cane River Creole Heritage Pageant

By Kevin Shannahan

Kevin’s Gallery

The Cane River Creole Heritage Pageant celebrated its third year Saturday, Jan. 7 at the Natchitoches Events Center. The pageant, a celebration of the unique culture of the Cane River area, had a scholastic theme with the stage resembling a classroom and emcee Richardra Winder seated behind a teacher’s desk. The pageant’s audience was treated to several performances by Renee’s Dance Studio as well as songs by Brandol King Willis and Danny Allen Metoyer. This year’s contestants hailed from different areas of Louisiana and Texas, a sign of the enduring bonds forged among the people of the Cane River.

The Winners:

Miss Cane River Creole Belle: Bailey Roque
Miss Petite Creole Belle: Brooke Barnum
Little Miss Creole Belle: Kaylee Jones
Miss Creole Baby Belle: Eyden Gant
Miss Bye-Lo Baby: Chloe Antee
Ad-Sales Contest: Bailey Roque
Miss Photogenic: Brooke Barnum
Miss Congeniality: Alexis Steward
People’s Choice: Leighton Malonson