Mean or Mischief?

By Junior Johnson


Some friends and I were talking about the mischievous things we did as kids, compared to some of the things kids today are involved in. Our conversation reminded me of one such incident that I was involved in while a High School Senior.

While waiting for school to begin one morning, one of our classmates excitedly told us that Russell B’s house was on fire when the bus pulled up to it that morning.  No one was injured, but Russell stayed with his family.

John M suggested we drive out to see if we could help, which seemed like a good idea at the time. We piled into his car and left.

When we arrived the only thing remaining was the old chimney and smoldering embers.  Russell and his family were going through the things they salvaged.

It was a sobering sight for our young eyes.  His dad thanked us for coming out but we couldn’t do anything. He told Russell to return to school with us.

Back at school the principal was waiting for us.  John said we were probably in trouble so we may as well have a little fun.  He had a portable tape recorder in his car and he turned it on and dropped it in his pocket.

The principal ushered us into his office and began to scream and holler about leaving school grounds without permission. When we got to Study Hall, John pulled out the recorder and played the tape of the principal screaming at us.  The whole room was laughing when our Guidance Counselor entered the room and caught us.

We were marched back down to the principal. John refused to give him the recorder.  We were suspended for the remainder of the day as well as the next day.

Since this carried us through Friday we had a while to plot our revenge. Each room at our school was equipped with a big wooden desk with a lap drawer and three larger drawers on each side.

Since the school building was never locked it would be easy just to walk into the building and carry out the plan we had in mind.

Late Saturday evening we swiftly began removing all the drawers from the desks.

After we removed the drawers from all 12 desks we began replacing them randomly in each room while making sure no two drawers ended up in the same desk.

The school was already buzzing Monday morning when we arrived. The teachers arrived before we did and discovered the problems with their desks that we had cleverly achieved over the weekend.

The principal was livid and when the last bus arrived an announcement was made to assemble in the gymnasium.

Once the entire student body was assembled the Principal ranted about vandals and hoodlums and threatened to expel those responsible if he found the guilty culprits.  It never happened.

Each time the principal would pass us in the hall he would look us directly in the eye as if to say, “I know it was you.”

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