NPDC inmates receive GED certificates at graduation ceremony


The Natchitoches Parish Detention Center held a graduation ceremony Jan. 11 for four offenders who received their GED. They are Willie R. Brown III, Frederick D. Dudley, Jermal L. Franks and O’Shay D. Hicks.

They were able to accomplish this because of the DC’s new education instructors Moses C. Baines and Clarissa Frazier.

Pictured from left are Sheriff Victor Jones, Clarissa Frazier, O’Shay D. Hicks, Jermal L. Franks, Frederick D. Dudley, Willie R. Brown III, Education Coordinator Moses C.Baines, Assistant Chief Roger Henson and Chief Calvin McFerrin.

Sheriff Jones said that he and corrections division staff are pleased to offer this eductional opportunity to offenders housed at the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.

“It’s arranged to assist offenders in gaining educational skills, which leads to productive and practical work experience and helps them transition back into the community upon release,” said Jones.

2 thoughts on “NPDC inmates receive GED certificates at graduation ceremony

  1. I do agree that getting your education is a great thing to receive and everyone
    should.I also believe that jai is meant for punishment and not an award !
    if you break the law,you do not deserve work out rooms,tv or other things on my dollar.I myself as a tax payer should not have to support a criminal,usaully
    if you go to jail or prison you are more likely to repeat that pattern.I do think it is good these boys got there G.E.D. but again its not the tax payers job to help them .

  2. This is a great program! Congratulations to these men and to the people who helped them achieve an important and hopefully life changing place in their lives.

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