Front Street Oak Tree gets new home at City Park

An Oak tree on the north end of Front Street was moved to City Park Jan. 24. Front Street was closed temporarily while Bob’s Tree Preservation removed the tree from its location. Certified Arborist Neal Thibadeaux said with the proper after care there’s an 80 percent success rate for this type of transplant.

The tree was moved to make room for the plaza overlook and ADA compliant ramp, which are part of the Rue Beaufort Riverbank Renovation Project.


4 thoughts on “Front Street Oak Tree gets new home at City Park

  1. Loved the trees on Front Street. Don’t turn Natchitoches into a Branson. Tourists love the charm of this town.

  2. I appreciate the city took the time to relocate the tree. Most places would not have even bothered. Can’t wait to see how everythhing will look when it’s all done (including planting new trees I bet!)

  3. It’s so sad Natchitoches has a new mayor and he wants to change everything . Taking the oak tress off of front street is taking history away . The riverbank will look more like a tourist attraction than the beautiful landscape it was . A place to go sit and watch the geese , watch your children play or just sit and have lunch . History of Natchitoches is slowly going by the wayside . Sad day ! 😢

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