Nola Womens March attendees share their experiences


A few Natchitoches residents attended the recent Women’s March in New Orleans on Jan. 21 that was held in opposition to the new Trump administration.

Holly Stave and her husband Richard were among the over 10,000 people who showed up to march.

“My experience was so very positive,” said Holly.  “I’ve been feeling ill and despairing ever since the election.  I’ve woken up each morning feeling as though dirty water has washed all over me.  But being in such a massive crowd of people of all ages, races, genders and sexes, with everyone in such good spirits and having such lively, wonderful, optimistic conversations was so very healing for me.”

Holly says the real work begins now.

“My reasons for attending the march are myriad,” she said. “As a feminist for more almost 50 years, I was of course horrified at Trump’s admitting to sexually assaulting women as well as all the other denigrating comments he has made about women.  I am horrified that he has aligned himself with racist groups like the KKK and their new ‘improved’ moniker, the ‘alt-right.’  But what I am most worried about is his complete lack of experience and his ignorance about global relations.  He will alienate ALL our allies and we will be alone in the world to fend off those who would love to attack us.  The man has no capacity for diplomacy and no willingness to learn.”

Amanda Dollar attended the march because she believes there’s a time when you have to speak your mind; walk with people in the street and feel happy and feel sad, but walk together.

“He didn’t win the popular vote,” she said. “Our country’s president has a deeply divided constituency. You can acknowledge that and have fun in the process.”

Amanda brought 11-year-old Sydney Dollar with her. Sydney went to the protest because, “I am not happy with our president and I wanted him to know that. Because he is disrespectful and rude to women and what’s sad is I don’t think he even realizes it. It’s one thing to be bad to women but when you’re a bad president you bring your country down with you.”