City assures residents time capsule is in good hands


Inquiring minds wanted to know what would happen to the time capsule built into the Fleur de Lis stage on the downtown riverbank. When construction began earlier this month on the Rue Beauport Riverbank Renovation Project, some residents were concerned about the time capsule’s fate once the stage was demolished.

According to information provided by the City of Natchitoches, knowing the stage would be demolished early on in the project, crews opened up the enclosure for the time capsule Jan. 11 while work crews were setting up. The plaque describing the 275th anniversary of Natchitoches and the placement of the time capsule were carefully removed, as was the time capsule. Both are carefully stored, ready to be placed back in a designated area of the new stage.

Rick and Carolyn Harrington were the chairs of Natchitoches’ 275th anniversary celebration in 1989 when the time capsule was placed underneath the stage. Sam and Charlsie Cocker were vice chairs. When Rick heard about the construction and the upcoming demolition of the stage he wrote a letter to Mayor Lee Posey asking that it and the tile floor of the stage be taken care of. The floor depicts the Louisiana Purchase. Both the floor and the time capsule are considered significant pieces of Natchitoches’ history.

The 100 year time capsule is due to be opened in 2089 and is filled with items that a committee thought citizens of the future would find of interest. Items inside include a letter from Mayor Joe Sampite to the citizens of the future, a letter from the 275th anniversary celebration chairs, and other artifacts of 1989.