Hazmat teams respond to ammonia leak

UPDATE – All Clear Issued at 10pm.


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An anhydrous ammonia leak at the ice plant on Amulet Street in Natchitoches caused authorities to evacuate a four-block area surrounding the plant. Residents were initially evacuated to the Natchitoches Police Department’s parking lot and several other areas. The Natchitoches Fire Department, who arrived on the scene within moments of receiving the call, began knocking on doors to evacuate residents, using their vehicles for those with mobility impairments. Hazmat arrived on the scene at approximately 8 p.m., consisting of the NFD’s Hazmat unit and the State Police Hazmat unit.

NPJ photographer Kevin Shannahan spoke with Brandon McKnight of NFD Engine 1 and Assistant Chief Alan Stanfield. The Hazmat teams used an emergency response handbook to determine the size and nature of the evacuation area. As of 9:30 p.m. an “all clear” hasn’t been issued, but the NPJ will publish information as it becomes available.

3 thoughts on “Hazmat teams respond to ammonia leak

  1. We got notified by NPD officer at our front door at approx 8 pm,and before we could gather up purse and pet received 2 notifications by phone. (Went into town to pick up a few grocery items and shared fast food meals.) At 9:30 pm I phoned the NPSO and was informed the leak had been contained and that it was safe to return. When we arrived back home there was an all-clear msg on our phone. I am pleased with the professionalism and thankful everyone is safe. It was a mighty strong odor on these old weak lungs!

  2. It appears that only landlines were called about the leak. What about all of the homes with cell phones only? I live 5 blocks from the leak and only found out about it on Facebook, while people far away from the area got calls.

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