Five Lakeview Students Perform in District Honor Band Concert


Lakeview Junior-Senior High School Band members Myla Porter, Kain Custis, Kedreion Pattain, Jo Porter, and Adriunhya Gray performed in the L.M.E.A. District II Band Directors’ Association Honor Band concert at Bolton High School in Alexandria Feb. 4. These students were selected to participate in this event by playing an audition in January, which consisted of major scales, two prepared pieces, and sight reading. This year’s honor bands were selected from 21 participating schools from eight different parishes.

Freshman Myla Porter placed third in the baritone section of the “Lafitte” Senior High Honor Band. This honor ensemble performed “Declaration Overture” by Claude T. Smith, “Joy” by Frank Ticheli, “Crescent Meadow” by Rob Romeyn, and “Courtly Airs and Dances,” Movement VI, “Allemande” by Ron Nelson. The Lafitte Honor Band was conducted by Mr. Joshua Reeves, who teaches at Bolton High School.

Lakeview eighth graders Jo Porter (2nd chair trumpet) and Adriunhya Gray (8th chair flute) performed with the “Red River” Junior High Honor Band, under the direction of Amy Kutz. This honor band performed “Journey to the Stars” by James Swearingen, “Furioso” by Robert W. Smith, “Ancient Hunters” by Sean O’Loughlin, and “Adventure in India” by Kevin Mixon.

Adriunhya Gray commented that “Adventures in India” was her favorite piece. When asked what she gained from the honor band experience, Adriunhya said she learned “to work hard and go for what you want in life, and practice!”

Lakeview eighth graders Kedreion Pattain (3rd chair clarinet) and Kain Custis (2nd chair baritone) performed with the “St. Denis” Junior High Honor Band, under the direction of Katie Codina. This ensemble performed “Medieval Legend” by Michael Story, “The Tears of Arizona” by Brian Balmages, “Voltage” by David Shaffer, and “Junk Funk” by Kevin Mixon.

When asked which piece was his favorite, Kain Custis replied, “Tears of Arizona was my favorite piece because it was a tribute to the veterans and family members that were in the Pearl Harbor bombing.” Kain also remarked that he loved making new friends and playing music with them, and that he enjoyed performing such challenging music.

“This experience has made me a better musician because I was just an ordinary clarinet player with no way of understanding what all having this talent can do for me,” said eighth grader Kedreion Pattain. “I played in a way I never had played in my life. [This experience] gave me motivation to continue to get better at what I am determined to do for the rest of my life.”
Lakeview band director Denise Roper said that she is very proud of her students. “We actually had seven students selected for the honor bands, but two of them were not able to participate due to illness.” Olivia Litton would have been 5th chair flute in the St. Denis Honor Band and Destinee Britt would have been a clarinet player in the Red River Honor Band. Roper remarked, “This is the largest number of Lakeview students to earn a place in the district honor bands, and I really hope that this level of participation will continue in the future. These students represented our school with the highest level of musicianship, positive attitude, and self-discipline. I am very impressed with what they accomplished in rehearsal and with the final outcome of all of their hard work. It was a wonderful concert.”

Pictured from left are Kedreion Pattain, Jo Porter, Myla Porter, Adriunhya Gray, and Kain Custis.