Mt. Olympus comes to Krewe of Dionysos Mardi Gras Ball



The Gods took human form and partied with the mortals at the Krewe of Dionysos Mardi Gras Ball Feb. 11.  The tableau was Mardi Gras on Mt. Olympus and a massive backdrop set the stage for a massive performance.

Presentations included:
·      Captain Dionysos XIX C.C. “Pete” Johnson with his pages Drew and Ben Wilson
·      Queen Dionysus XIX Debbie Moore with her pages Jace Henson, Kate Triche and Colie Mathews
·      King Dionysos XIX Dicky Moore with his pages Madi Trichel, Patrick Loveless and Ryan Triche

After the National Anthem was sung by Dennis Bryant, Burley Johnson, Bryan Picou and Keith Shirley the Emcees for the night were introduced: Chrissi Coile-Reesby and Doug Warner. After the presentations, the Dukes and Duchesses of the Krewe put on a spectacular performance.

Junior Court presentations included:
·      Behrend Brittain Behrendsen, son of Krewe member Eliza Brittain Behrendsen
·      Kaylyn Brooke Caroll, granddaughter of Krewe member Randy Williams
·      James Kelly Dortlon, son of Krewe membes Lynn and Kelly Dortlon
·      Hayden Alexandra Hennigan, granddaughter of Krewe members Darlene and Jerry McElwee
·      Keira Marie Huff, daughter of Krewe members Charity and Byron McKinney
·      Elizabeth Eileen Jackson, daughter of Krewe members Barbara and Andy Jackson and granddaughter of Krewe members Eileen and Tandy Jackson
·      Elizabeth Lucile Long, daughter of Krewe members Mary and Jimmy Long Jr. and granddaughter of Krewe member Ralph Ingram
·      Syrena M’Lynn Murphy, daughter of Krewe members Amy and Robert Murphy and granddaughter of Krewe member Linda Rachal
·      Madison Paige Raynes: daughter of Krewe member Lisa Ryder
·      Alexis Nicole Sanders, daughter of Krewe member Vicki Sanders
A special performace of “The Gospel Truth” was put on by soloist Grace Brumfield, backup singers Anna Birbiglia, Erika Jarlock and Crystal Brooks, with Trini Triggs playing the role of Hercules.

Presentation of 2017 Dukes and Duchesses included:
·      Duke and Duchess of Dance: JC and Nora Townsend
·      Duke and Duchess of Decadence: John and Kathy Richmond
·      Duke and Duchess of Desire: Randy Williams and Soni Sers
·      Duke and Duchess of Destiny: Kirk Soileau and Charity McKinney
Once the gods and goddesses revealed themselves and participated in the royal dance with the king and queen, Louisiana Red took to the stage, providing music for the gods and mortals to dance the night away.