What is Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day! The NPJ asked Natchitoches Parish residents what they loved about their significant others. Below are the responses we received. It’s great to read some of these explanations because they show us that love is all we need to be happy in our lives!



Georgia Hilton met her husband Mike in college 37 years ago. “We’re a house divided,” she said. “He’s a Tech Bulldog and I’m an NSU Demon, but we’ve managed to make it work. We’ve been married 35 years. Mike has truly been the prow of our ship. He has supported our dreams, encouraged our children, and placed himself between us and the world. He’s protected us, loved us, and provided for us. I can’t imagine life without him.”


Angela and Ron Bolton will be married 15 years this April. Angela said she loves Ron because he makes her laugh and want to choke him at the same time.


Mardy Summerlin loves her husband Jason because he makes her laugh…a lot. “He puts us first in everything we do,” he said. “From business to raising kids. Our marriage and happiness is always top priority. We’ve known each other 20 years and we’ve been married 4 years. Plus he’s just downright sexy…love eye candy!”


Myeshia Johnson loves her husband Trent because he’s a caring person with a big heart. “He’s my friend,” she said. “He’s the person I run to with great news and the person that’s always there if I ever need anything, from support to words of encouragement, or to get me in line shall I ever get off track. My husband is all that I asked for and more. I love the motivation and hard work he puts into any task/accomplishment. We’ve known each other for 3 years. I became his wife and a stepmother to two beautiful daughters May 2016. Marriage has been great and with God being the head of our family I’d say I’m looking forward to many more great years of marriage! I encourage ladies to always love themselves no matter what and to always communicate with God and take all of their worries to him. If love hasn’t found you yet that’s ok. God has the greatest love of all…Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Natalie Covher met her husband Corbin when he moved to Natchitoches in July 2009. They were married in New Orleans in June 2014. “I love Corbin for so many reasons,” she said. “I love how his compassion for animals unveils a gentle man who is open to connecting with the life he encounters. I love his uninhibited nature, the type of guy who can let out a howl, let loose and have fun in any situation. I love seeing how protective of his family he is; it makes me feel cherished. I love his passion for making things and how he’s been able to translate that passion into a career that supports his family. I love seeing him interact with our daughter Lilah and rediscover the world with her. I love his smile, his laugh and his company.”


What Carrie Burns Hough loves most about her husband Cody is that he is the most hardworking, selfless and loving person. “When we’re at home, he’s always working on projects around the house, fixing things, playing with our son, or cooking,” she said. “Carter (3-year-old son) and I are very lucky to have him in our lives. Cody and I met at NSU back in 2005 and we have been together ever since. We met at the Kappa Sigma and Tri Sigma See-Saw-A-Thon Fundraiser on campus. We’ve been married 5 years this past September.”


Beverly Broadway said there are many things she loves about her husband Dennis. He has a strong faith, is kind, supportive, witty, funny and smart. “I also love that we balance each other. He is the extrovert to my introvert, the laid back to my no-nonsense,” she said. “We’ve known each other since November 2000, have been married since May 2003, and have 4 kiddos.”


Julie and Matt DeFord have been married for 20 pleasantly joyful years. “I never would’ve guessed how happy he would make me,” said Julie. “He’s loving and tender, hilarious and handsome; my favorite best friend. I love our comfortable, happy love and can’t wait to spend the rest of eternity with him.”


David Guillet said, “My wife Angela has often been referred to by my close friends as ‘my custodian.’ We’ve known each other since 1984. She brings calm to my chaos and that’s one of the many things I love about her. She’s a wonderful teacher and example for our children.”


One quality Madeline DeBlieux loves about her husband Andrew is his devotion to her and their daughter, Vivienne Claire.  “His sweet devotion towards me was abundantly evident as we began dating in 2010 and only became stronger once we married in 2013,” she said. “Now his devotion has doubled since the birth of our daughter, Vivienne, in September. I always knew he was a catch, just ask the ladies of Natchitoches; I count my blessings daily because of him! He lovingly provides for Vivienne and me and always makes sure we have everything we need. He is a phenomenal Daddy and Vivienne adores him. It makes my heart so full to watch him with her and how he dotes on her. This Valentine’s Day will be extra special as we celebrate it with her and I couldn’t be more blessed. Andrew has made my life so much better and brighter and I couldn’t do life without him. Love you Andrew!”


Katrice Below met her husband Kendrick Aug. 28, 2010. Two of their close friends set them up on a date and they’ve been together ever since. “Oddly enough, we grew up on the same street and our oldest brothers were friends,” said Katrice. “There are so many reasons why I love him, his selflessness being one of the reasons. He always puts his family’s needs before his own. He is a man of character, integrity and compassion.”


Vivian Pedroza Rodriguez met her husband Jorge in 2010. He was studying at NSU and Vivian was in Honduras. They got married 1 year later. “I love Jorge because he’s been my best friend, my support, my reality check and my greatest love ever since,” she said. “We now have a gorgeous little girl, Daniela, and are expecting our son this summer.”


John and Kathy Richmond met in their 40s at a time in their lives when they were content professionally and personally. “We’d both had life experiences and relationships that made us appreciate each other as people from the start,” said Kathy. “We met at work and I was immediately impressed with his character and love for people. The person I soon fell in love with was and is my very best friend, a man of high morals and values, that always tries to ‘do the right thing’ in all areas of his life.  I’d never experienced the unconditional love, compassion and friendship that John gave me with an open heart.  He makes me laugh every day, makes me feel like the most beautiful, special, cared for woman in the world.  We both thank God daily for bringing us together and honestly look forward to every moment with each other.  We are living a life we built that allows us to do just that, be together.  As sappy as it sounds, in our life, John and I don’t need this one special day a year.  Every day really is Valentine’s Day and he is my gift.”