NSU ELAB places 3rd in robotics competition


NSU Elementary Lab School’s Robotics Club won 3rd place in Regional Autonomous Robotics Circuit (RARC) Robotics competition Feb. 11 in Bossier. The club consists of 20 fourth and fifth graders that make up five teams with four students in team.  They compete using Lego NXT robots in the RARC Northwestern region competitions in Bossier City.  The competition last Saturday was their second competition of the year.  During this competition, 109 elementary teams competed and NSU Elementary Schools team 5 (Teegan McKnight, Coleman Cade, William Terrell and J.J. Percher) won third place.

This year’s competitions are themed around energy resources, and each team has to complete the same tasks that renew or build various energy resources on an isolated island.  The students use their mathematics, science, engineering and computer programming skills to build and program a Lego NXT robot that will accomplish as many tasks as possible.