RM Water System meeting set for Feb. 27


The Robeline-Marthaville Water System will meet Monday, Feb. 27 at 6 p.m. at the home of Donna Dyson-Horn, located at 172 Many-Marthaville Road in Marthaville. Contact Donna for directions at 318-472-6396. Agenda items include:
·      Call to order
·      Prayer
·      Roll Call
·      Reading of minutes or motion to dispense
·      Visitors
·      Operator Update
·      Credit card/online payment
·      Approval of repair at booster station/water tank
·      Resolution by board to open new bank account for receipt of state funds to pay for new pump at Nelson Road
·      Resignation of board members
·      Write-offs
·      Board members removed from access to RMWS bank accounts
·      Requested speakers
·      Adjourn

10 thoughts on “RM Water System meeting set for Feb. 27

  1. 1. The facility is a building, not a residence.
    2. For whatever reason, we can’t meet at the Robeline Annex City Hall, so Donna graciously offered her building for meeting space.
    3. We have to work together to make progress, and arguing and where we meet is doing nothing more than dividing us.
    We must present as a united front, not bickering community members, lest our efforts become futile.
    4. Please make every effort to attend.
    Thank you.
    Melaine Wall-Craig

  2. Do you people not understand “not in a home ” in a building.People have a right to hold a meeting any where they want,park,street,on a roof.I think anyone who is concerned about future of there water should attend.
    As they say our water system is not out of the woods yet ! hell the whole damn water staff should be let go and start new.

  3. My water is clear and for once is better than it has been in a long time. I take it that you have not attended any of the meetings? A lot of good changes has already taken place. Please call me (652-0559) I will be more than glad to meet you so you will know the person where the building will be held at. A little FYI, it will not be inside my personal home but in a building which is located right across from my home.

  4. To inform everyone, the meeting will NOT be held inside my home. It will be held inside a building across from my home, that will be able to hold everyone that wants to attend. So before you pass judgement and start mouthing off, just do something simple and call before you say anything. I will be more than glad to set the record straight. I am wondering one thing if anyone of you ever did attend a meeting or just talking without really knowing just what all is going on. Whatever it may be, I do look forward to seeing you at the meeting, that is if you do show up, if you don’t you will not be missed, We are moving in the right direction and a good one, sure hate you will miss hearing of something good coming out of our Robeline-Marthaville Water System. FYI, my cell is 652-0559, if I miss your call, I will call you back!

  5. Hey, I didn’t see anything about cutting back expenses like closing the mail drop box down and hooking up to another water supply. As it has been in the past the board members doesn’t have the customer’s interest except perhaps going along with the program. I am sadden that me that it is a whatever situation. Maybe when the bill increases to a very large amount someone will stand up but it will be too late once the board and whatever votes to increases it for added expenses.

  6. Wrong it is at a customer’s home. Who wants to attend a meeting at a person home that you do not know? That says to me everything is going as usual except water bills will go up and up to keep paying unnecessary expenses and the water will be the same unsafe problem. So unprofessional handling of customer’s spent funds to have safe drinking water.

  7. I agreed I do not want to meet at a person’s house!! I didn’t see anything on the agenda about what decision on getting the water from somewhere else. I will cut my water meter off if the price keeps going up. The water is not going to improve at this office.

  8. ROBELINE-MARTHAVILLE WATER customers. I think it is time to get together and protest this establishment. After reading this article on the meeting, I have come to the conclusion that to have a business meeting at an individuals home is not a place that anything is going to be changed. Apparently, the water office does not want all of the customers to attend this meeting. How much room does this person have at there home for all customers. Who wants to attend a meeting at a person’s home?????? Such poor operation!!! Customer’s get ready for the bill to go up and up some more!!! I think the board should be decided by the customers. A letter should be sent to each customer and let them vote for whom they want on the board. I am sadden that nothing will changed at the water office and the water is nasty and will never get any better. Protest to close Robeline office down and hook up to Sabine water source where the water is very good. PROTEST TO CLOSE ROBELINE MARTHAVILLE WATER OFFICE!!!

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