The Body closes its doors for good

By An-Gel Samuel
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The Body, a popular college bar located on the Hwy 1 Bypass, closed in January and the owners said it will not be reopening.

The Antoon family owned the college bar, and they still own a bar next door called Antoon’s. The Body has been a family business since Johnny Antoon began it in the 1980s. His daughter, Danielle Antoon, said her dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer in 2010.

Johnny Antoon had a very good lifestyle as opposed to some people who battle cancer, Danielle said, and he was able to work through his illness. He became sick in November of 2016, and passed away the day before Thanksgiving of the same year.

“It was his wish to keep Antoon’s open since that was the very first business he started in 1975,” Danielle said. “We hate to see [The Body] close, but unfortunately, that’s what we have to do.”

After his passing, the family had to make decisions about the two bars.

Antoon’s will remain open, per her fathers’ wishes, Danielle said. But as far as The Body goes, they will not be reopening it.

“My mom is 60 years old; she obviously doesn’t want to run a bar for the rest of her life,” Danielle said. “I have a full-time job with the American Cancer Society, and my brother is a lawyer in Lake Charles. Neither one of us had the time to run the bar with our full-time jobs.”

Junior Dorianna Telsee said she liked going to The Body her first two years of college, and she was upset to hear that it would not be reopening.

“I never had the chance to go, but a lot of my upperclassman friends said they loved it,” freshman Morgan Williams said. “I wish I could have gone before it closed.”

3 thoughts on “The Body closes its doors for good

  1. Good place to hang. Johnny employed half of NSU’ s students in his businesses over the years and was a mentor to so many kids. The Body may be gone but none of us who knew and loved Johnny will never let his memory die. No one will ever take your place.

  2. I was proud to have been a friend of Johnny Antoon. He was one of the kindest men that I have ever known and reminded me a lot of my Father Harvis Johnson. I joked with Johnny one time several years ago and told him that he had been responsible for putting more young people through
    college than Pel-Grants, by providing them jobs at Antoon’s and the Body. We went back to my own college days in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when Natchitoches had a very competitive summer Fast Pitch Softball League, and Johnny and I played on a team that he sponsored. He was proud of his family and I know that he is happy with the success that they have achieved. The Body will be missed but the memories of events that took place there will forever be etched in the minds of those who went there over the years. Johnny Antoon’s legacy will forever be a part of Natchitoches history. His contributions to our wonderful city are equaled by very few. God Bless you Johnny Antoon.

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