City Council address Cultural District addition, sale of Cedar Grove Limited Partnership

The City Council meeting Monday night, Feb. 27, was light on agenda items. Resolution #016 was added to the agenda for some City housekeeping duties for the Cane River Brewery so the owners can take advantage of tax credits.

The resolution will extend the current limits of the Natchitoches Historic District, Cultural District, including all areas of the current Local Natchitoches Historic District. The owners of the brewery ran across a little bit of an issue with the state where they needed to document that their property was in the Cultural District. When the City originally set up the Cultural District it included the Landmark District and two areas brought in as Local only. Since then the City has brought in two additional areas into the Local District, but not he Cultural District. This resolution will bring those two areas into the Cultural District as well.

Another resolution which was more or less some housekeeping for the City was a resolution approving an assignment of that agreement dated March 1, 1996, entered into by and between Cedar Grove Limited Partnership and the City from Cedar Grove Limited Partnership to Southwood Utilities Inc., authorizing Mayor Lee Posey to execute documents required or necessary to evidence that the City approves the assignment of the agreement.

Cedar Grove General Partner Ralph Ingram sold property to the City years ago for the City to build a sewage treatment plant on Laird Fletcher Road. They agreed on a price plus some other considerations Ingram wanted. One consideration the City agreed to was if Ingram developed a subdivision, he could then pump his sewage at his own expense to the City for treatment. He pays the City per home in the subdivision.

Ready to get out of this business, Ingram can’t just shut it down, so he found a buyer. The City’s approval is only needed because it was part of the original agreement.

Other agenda items included:

Revocation of dedication of a portion of St. Denis Street, a portion of Sibley Street, and a portion of Lafayette Street, being a portion of each right-of-way beginning at their intersection with the Eastern right-of-way of the Union Pacific Railroad and running back to the East for a distance, declaring that said portions of said streets are abandoned and the dedications revoked, retaining an easement across the former street for public utility purposes

Award bid for Christmas Lighting Supplies.

Approve acquisition of a 0.256 acre tract of ground located in Section 81, Township 9 North, Range 7 West, from Grand Havens LLC for $12,500

Approve the final second amended and restated power supply agreement between Cleco Power LLC and the City dated January 1, 2017 to extend the Power Supply Contract dated April 1, 2010, as extended by agreement dated June 1, 2014, for the continued sale of power and energy

Execute Change Order No. 4 to the contract between the City and Regional Construction LLC for the City Park Walking Track and Parking Project.
Pat Jones presented a financial report at the end of the meeting.  As of the end of January the revenues in the General Fund are at 64.52 percent of the budget. The expenditures are at 59.87 percent. Jones said the City continues to be on target with its expenditures.

The Utility Fund is at 58.14 percent of its budget and 61.09 percent of its expenditures with 67 percent of the year elapsed. “I see no serious problems in the General or Utility Funds,” said Jones.

Sales tax for January was at .33 percent  above last January. The revenue for the fiscal year to date is at 1.86 percent above last year. “The sales tax is still pretty flat,” said Jones. “but at least we’re still in the positive on our year to date sales tax.”

January’s TIF sales tax was at .65 percent above last January. Year to date it’s 11.33 percent below. Jones said this means the hotel/motel tax so far this year is still trailing behind last year at this time.