Campti man arrested on felony drug charges


Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a north Natchitoches Parish man on felony drug charges during an early morning traffic stop on US-71 in Campti Tuesday morning, Feb. 28, according to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation began Tuesday morning at 2 am, when NPSO Patrol Division deputies responded to reports of a domestic disturbance in the 2500 block of US-71 in Campti.

While enroute to the scene, deputies observed what appeared to be a minor traffic incident on US-71 within a block of the initial call involving a 2017 Chevrolet Impala.

Other deputies responded to the scene learning an alleged intoxicated male subject involved in the disturbance left the scene in a vehicle.

Deputies began to investigate the traffic incident, observing a male identified as Martino D. Telstead asleep under the steering wheel along with the vehicle running, in gear and the headlights on.

Deputies say when they awakened Telstead he appeared confused, unaware of his surroundings and the vehicle began to move.

Deputies reached into the vehicle as it was rolling and placed the vehicle in park before it hit a metal building.

Deputies assisted Telstead from the vehicle and while speaking to him observed suspected narcotics in plain view on his person.

During a search of Telstead’s person, deputies seized a bottle containing suspected promethazine syrup, a two pill bottles containing 6.6 grams of suspected crack cocaine, 30 suspected ecstasy pills, eight alprazolam (Xanax) pills, three pieces of alprazolam pills, one legend pill and $946.

A search of the vehicle led to the seizure of one small bag of suspected marijuana, three packages containing suspected synthetic marijuana, a carbonated drink containing a mixture of promethazine syrup, weighing scales, packaging materials and drug paraphernalia.

Deputies also administered Telstead a field sobriety test in which he performed unsatisfactory.

Deputies arrested:

Martino D. Telstead, 32, of the 2700 block of US 71, Campti, who was transported and booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center charged with 1-count of Possession of CDS Schedule I Ecstasy with Intent to Distribute, 1-count of Possession of CDS I Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, 1-count of Possession of CDS I Synthetic Marijuana with Intent to Distribute, 1-count of Possession of CDS Schedule II Crack Cocaine with Intent to Distribute, Possession of CDS IV Alprazolam with Intent to Distribute, Possession of CDS V Promethazine with Intent to Distribute, 1-count of Possession of a Legend Drug, 1-count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 1-count of Second or Subsequent Offenses and 1-count of DWI.

A drug urine analysis along with the seized narcotics will be submitted to the crime lab for analysis.

The seized currency will be turned over to the Natchitoches District Attorney’s Office for an Asset Forfeiture Hearing.

Deputies believe the seized narcotics valued at approximately $3,500 was intended for distribution in the Campti area.

Telstead remains in the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center awaiting bond.