February permits total $2.5 million in estimated development costs


The Natchitoches Parish Planing and Zoning Department issued 29 permits for the month of February, totaling $2.5 million in estimated development costs and $19,634 in permit fees.

Katrina O’Con, 215 Celina Drive, $30,000

Residential-Detached Building:
Barbara Froust, 445 Bayou Blue Road, Robeline

Residential-Electrical Trade:
Wade Ebert, 120 Cloud Crossing Road, Campti
Kenneth Hyatt, 220 Edward Adams Road, Coushatta
Scotty Williams, 445 Calvin Tyler Road, Saline
Alice Hardison, 180 St. Luke Church Road
House of Faith, 1620 Hwy. 485, Robeline
Thomas Collier, 362 Collier Hill Road, Campti

Residential-Manufactured Homes:
Charles Thompson, 1445 Hwy. 1225, Clarence, $162,500
Megan Colston, 420 Dufrene Lane, Campti, $250,000
Christina Washington, 271 Independence Street, $59,800
Kathy Holman, 242 Ponderosa Road, $60,000
Jennifer Freeman, 9132 Texas Street, Robeline, $46,000

Residential-New Construction:
Rhodes Properties, 463 Riverside Lane, Natchez, $350,000
Rhodes Properties, 247 Jerrard Avenue, Natchez, $250,0000
Rhodes Properties, 459 Riverview Drive, Natchez, $285,000
Alan Soloman, 427 Bermuda Road, $167,500
Sabrina and Sheldon Lyles, 1137 Collins Road, $165,000
Corey LaCombe, 391 Riverview Drive, Natchez, $180,000
Justin White, 155 Antley Road, $100,000
Dykes Construction, 212 Bennett Loop, $155,000
Rhodes Properties, 177 Riverside Lane, Natchez, $215,000

Demery Resources, Office Buildings, 839 Five Forks Road, Saline
Cindy Rollinson, RV Site, 322 Pete Rodgers Road
Sherwood McBride, RV Site, 494 Montgomery Camp Road, Goldonna
James Smith Hr., RV Site, 499 Montgomery Camp Road, Goldonna
Demetric Smith, 2453 J. Benjamin Road, Natchez, $10,000

Madison Pierce, 106 Yvonne Street, $20,000
Dr. Marie Demery, 1991 Hwy. 6

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