Natchitoches Parish resident starts petition to bring attention to failing road system

Pardee Road 3

After reading hundreds of social media comments from residents in Natchitoches Parish, Caroline Graves, a homeowner on Posey Road, decided to take action. She started a petition to show the Parish Government the amount of people who are fed up with the lack of maintenance and lack of initiative when it comes to the miles of failed asphalt roads in the Parish.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition!

22 thoughts on “Natchitoches Parish resident starts petition to bring attention to failing road system

  1. Kudos to you Caroline and I signed the petition.I would love to think it
    will help but its a start.keep up the great work !

  2. robeline / marthaville road,spanish lake road,old shortcut between robeline and provencal.most any road in the parish looks like a third world country.
    and when you go to different parish its like nite and day .our local government and rick nowlin could care less the more money in there pockets the better.

  3. Tell us how, when, and where the money will be spent. Who will do the repair work and if it will it be done by qualified professionals? Get the “Good Old Boys” out of this. When the public can be shown the answers to these questions I am sure they will invest in the roads. We do not appreciate being lectured to. We want action not excuses!. Thank you!

  4. It is unreasonable to expect a different outcome for our roads system without changes to the current budget system. Be it taxes, re-structuring of existing taxes or millage, or any other things that will address the budget, it has to be done. The ball is literally in our (the voters) court and has been and when we vote down a tax that is specifically written to address the roads we continue to contribute to the problem rather than fix it.

  5. Every other week or so I read a news story about some government body has had record receipts but we don’t see it where it is needed. There is money we just need politicians to use it properly. Never forget, They Have The Money!

  6. I don’t live in Natchitoches Parish, but I do travel the Natchitoches Parish roads a lot. What bothers me is this: Does people who are voted into the office to see about the roads travel around and look at the roads at all? And too, is there no money to repair some of them – a little at a time. I travel Hwy. 6 every day and I know it is a state highway, but when there is a pothole, you have to call the state to get it filled and then half done most of the time. I know there has to be some of our taxes allotted for road repairs and I never see any road repairs being doing. Of course, I work every day and maybe they do work while I’m at work. It just amazes me when traveling out-of-state that there is always repairs going on to better the roads. The Ajax road and Allen road that leads to the interstate are horrible. I’m just mentioning the roads I travel and I hear there are others.

  7. We passed a tax for roads a few years ago, but when nothing was done about the roads in my area, we didn’t renew the tax. I have to say, the parish did put some rock on my road, but it wasn’t broken up enough and I know of at least one driver with a flat tire from driving over it. The rock filled some deep holes, but not enough of them.

    • Mary,
      Better check your facts I don’t think we have had an increase in road taxes since 1986


  8. Voters had a chance to approve a tax that would have provided money to fix the roads, however, they elected no to do so. There has not been and increase in road funds since 1986. Voters, therefore,got what they chose. It is time for Natchitoches Parish citizens to understand that nothing is free and if you desire better roads provide the funds to fix the roads.

    Roger H. Williams

    • “IF” the tax increase would be designated for improvements to roads ONLY,….. I think you would find more people in favor of and vote for a tax increase.

  9. I try to take Spanish Lake road as shortcut to I-49,and I stopped,there
    is nothing but potholes and worn out bridges.

  10. Bermuda road is very bad. Starting from Shell Beach by the bridge all the way back to town. People are driving on the shoulder what’s left of it.

    • Briana,
      Yes, Bermuda Road is absolutely horrible. It takes 25 minutes driving 25 mph to get to “town”.
      It was much better 50 years ago when it was a dirt road!


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