6 thoughts on “Local paper changes delivery method

  1. My husband and I both enjoy keeping up with local happenings by reading the paper. Delivery method won’t change that. We also find the quality of our local paper much better than that of many other small towns. I’m just glad at this point that we have a newspaper.

  2. how are they even still a newspaper ? all it covers is local news,no national news.I quit buying it and probably wouldn’t read it if it was free.

  3. Although it is distressing news, especially for the folks that are impacted with the change, this is an example of how organizations must change to the technologies available on the market or lose validity. I hope they are able to get their web publishing streamlined. I enjoy having the news available when it happens and unfortunately I kept my subscription for the puzzles and the community calendar, both of which I can find online and for free.

  4. Well, then there will be no point in subscribing anymore. I tried the mail delivery and if I got my paper at all, it was always a day or more late.

  5. Wonder what’s going on… Seems to be some challenges there and I know many good news area stories never published when submitted… Hope they can find a way to increase relevance and sustain themselves in a changing market….

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