NPD Jailbook; Feb. 20 – 26


The Natchitoches Police Department released the document below, which is the Jailbook for Feb. 20 – 26.

Mia Jackson B F 21 343 Second St., Natchitoches
Failure to Appear (No Drivers’ License)

Kenneth Jones B M 51 299 Edwina Dr., Natchitoches

Johnny Washington B M 33 170 Robinson St., Natchez,
LA Failure to Appear (Unlicensed Driver, Open Container, Careless Operation)

Kimberly McVan B F 27 100 Lakeview Dr., #507, Natchitoches
Failure to Appear (Two cts No Child Restraint, No License Plate)

Julius Washington B M 33 208 Kingston Dr., Natchitoches
Interfering with a Police Officer

Randall Antwine B M 24 1155 Grace Ave., Natchitoches
Possession of CDS I; Turn Signal; Probation Violation

Nicole Parker B F 36 162 Vienna Rd., Natchitoches
Failure to Appear (No Seatbelt, Driving Under Suspension)

Kevin J. Osborne B M 32 500 North St, #C-7, Natchitoches
Possession CDS IV; Probation Violation

Brandi Clakley W F 24 100 N. Melrose Ave., #1514, Natchitoches
Five counts Failure to Appear

Dakil Moody B M 21 440 Fairgrounds Rd., #28, Natchitoches
Possession Drug Paraphernalia; Possession Stolen Firearm; Fog lamps

Lameka Latchie B F 29 440 Fairgrounds Rd., #48, Natchitoches
Possession CDS I; Probation Violation; Obstruction; Poss CDS in presence of Juveniles; Poss Drug Paraphernalia

Garry Sylvester B M 22 100 Hazel Dr., #111, Natchitoches
Possession of Marijuana; Resisting; Possession of a Firearm w/CDS; Illegal Carrying of a Weapon

Jarius Slate B M 25 32 R Warner St., Gloucester, MA
Failure to Appear (Driving Under Suspension; One or No Headlights)

Trayvontrell Akins B M 22 186 Sorgee Rd., Natchitoches
Possession Sch I (2 cts); Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Kelvin D. Turner B M 51 134 University Dr., Natchitoches
Illegal Possession of Stolen Things

Darrell Jordan B M 36 1520 Texas St., Natchitoches
Possession of Sch II w/intent; Flight from Officer; Resisting with Force; 2 cts Battery on Officer; 2 cts Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon; 2 cts Possession of Firearm in presence of CDS; Possession of Stolen Firearm; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Linda Robinson B F 24 1606 Lake St., Natchitoches Theft

Eugene Williams B M 36 287 Cherrie Lp., Natchitoches
Failure to Appear (Driving Under Suspension, No Vehicle Registration, No Seat Belt)

Christopher Gistarb B M 19 104 Dogwood Ct., Natchitoches
Failure to Appear (Driving Left of Center)

Kyanna Phillips B F 34 295 Laird Fletcher Rd., Natchitoches
Failure to Appear (One or No Taillights, No Drivers’ License)

Kelvin Miller B M 32 926 Amulet St., Natchitoches
Possession of Sch IV with intent; Probation Violation

Steve Walker B M 29 1200 Northwood St., Bayton, TX
Failure to Appear (No Child Restraint)

William Robinson B M 31 1110 Allen, Natchitoches
DWI (2nd offn); No Drivers’ License

Lenny Bobb B M 38 721 Brahma Dr., Natchitoches
Failure to Appear (Two cts No Child Restraint, Unlicensed Driver)

Desean Allen Glover B M 28 926 Short 7th St., Natchitoches
Poss of Marijuana; Smuggling of Contraband into Penal Institution; Remaining after Forbidden; Resisting an Officer

Marsean Patterson B M 19 3121 Bragg St., Bossier City, LA
Simple Possession