Aiden and Dylan Depart For Louisiana

A Fictional Story By Junior Johnson


It took a lot of consoling from friends to give Mrs. Johnson comfort and hope after Sheriff Jones told her that Captain John Winston had made a murderous jailbreak. He was on the loose and planned to kill the entire family. She knew her family would be able to safely travel to Louisiana, where her late husband Daniel had relatives. There they’d receive protection until the murderous Captain John Winston was brought to justice.

With the assistance of Sheriff Jones and her neighbors, supplies and personal belongings were loaded on to their wagon. Her farm house was secured for what would be an undetermined stay in Louisiana.

She sold the few animals they owned after Daniel was killed at the Battle of Mansfield three years earlier during the War of Northern Aggression, so it would be easy for her neighbors to watch over their property during her absence.

Sheriff Jones kindly offered to be her spokesman with the railroad when it came time to run their line through the Johnson property. This was going to be the family’s financial security in the near future. Their safety would be secure when Captain John Winston was captured, and executed.

It was nearing daybreak when everything was packed for their journey from the Mississippi Delta to Cane River Country in Louisiana. There were hugs, well wishes, and tears from those left behind as Aiden, Dylan, and their mom departed the farm. Sheriff Jones had personally chosen to accompany them on this long two day journey with a few trusted deputies.

It was a bittersweet feeling for Sheriff Jones. He was a dear friend of Daniel Johnson, who had lost his life fighting for Southern Independence. The Sheriff had family who lived near where the Johnson family was going in Louisiana.

It was a community called Isle Brevelle near Cloutierville. From there a brave and courageous group of Creole men formed a unit in the early stages of the War, and called themselves the Isle Brevelle Rangers. They were a valuable asset in the Red River Campaign of the War in their area.

Sheriff Jones saw the traveling party off at daybreak and headed back to town for much needed rest.

Plans were made for the family to travel all the way to Baton Rouge. From there they’d board a riverboat upriver on the mighty Mississippi and make connections to the Red River to Natchitoches.

Everything seemed to be in order as the family left their little farm on the Mississippi Delta as the morning sky was about to bring in the light of another day.

As the group departed the homestead, Captain John Winston and his scalawag friends were in a heated discussion as to how they were going to extract his revenge. The spy who’d heard the initial plans of the departure was not included in the final plans.

Kicking and cursing, Winston viciously berated his minions for their incompetence. How was he going to get his revenge?

Captain John Winston had murderous and treacherous friends such as himself in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. He knew that the Johnson’s plans were to seek refuge on Cane River, but if things worked out the way he hoped they would, they would all die before they arrived there…..

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  1. Another installment in the world that could have been. The setting, the places, the nuggets of history that venture into the story, all come together with Junior’s imagination to create a picture that just might have happened along the way.

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