Approval of agenda item will lead to savings for City utility customers


City residents will be happy about one agenda item in particular from Monday night’s meeting, March 13. Council members approved a Power Supply Agreement between Cleco Power and the City to extend the power supply contract between Cleco and the City from April 2010, as extended by an agreement dated June 2014, for the continued sale of power and energy.

Mayor Lee Posey said this will provide lower utility rates for customers, who will see savings on their electrical bills soon after the implementation June 1 when the City’s new budget year starts. He said customers saved money 4 years ago and will receive additional savings with this contract, which he said is even better than before.

Other agenda items included:
·      Resolution proclaiming March 2017 as Women’s History Month in the City. The proclamation was accepted by Edwina Lewis on behalf of her daughter Denise Lewis, a children’s author who received her education through the Natchitoches Parish School System.
·      Enter into a lese of a 96.82 acre tract of land with Russell and Mary Edith Stacy Farms
·      Award bid for Christmas Lighting Supplies to Dean Nida and Associates LLC in Sarasota, Fla. For $28,330
·      Approve acquisition of a .256 acre tract of land from Grand Havens LLC for $12,500. The land is in the vicinity of Hwy. 6, near the location for the proposed Sports and Recreation Complex. The City fells it’s in its best interest to acquire the property.
·      Revoke the dedication of a portion of Graham Street, declaring it abandoned and retaining an easement across a portion of the former Graham Street for public utility purposes
·      Re-appoint William “Bill” Finical as a member of the Natchitoches Fire and Police Civil Service Board
·      Approve an extension of the current limits of the Natchitoches Historic District Cultural District to include the Northwestern State University campus
·      Execute a certificate of substantial completion to the contract between the City and Regional Construction LLC for the City Park Walking Track and Parking Project