Discover Your State: Mahaffey Farms

Natchitoches – Princeton
Miles: ~ 76


By Corey Poole

It was a deliciously hot day when I visited Mahaffey Farms in Princeton. Most people would think of a summer day in Louisiana as anything but delicious, but for those of us who grew up in the South, there’s something about the humid heat that we can’t help but love.

Whether the weather is hot or not, Mahaffey Farms is a special place to check out, and yes it’s open to the public. Place an order and pick up your produce and meats straight from the farm. If you can’t make the trip, stop by their booth at the Shreveport or Minden Farmers’ Markets or order online. For an all-farm experience, stay at the quaint Bed and Breakfast located in the farmhouse.

When you buy produce from Mahaffey Farms, rest assured you’re eating whole, nutritious food that’s sustainably grown and 100 percent chemical-free.

Mahaffey Farms feeds all its animals certified Organic, Non-GMO feed. The pigs are raised on pasture and in the woods and rotated periodically based on pasture and forage conditions. The chickens are raised in highly specialized shelters that move on to a fresh pasture every day. The steers are hand raised on the farm and spend their lives foraging in pine and oak savannas.

“It’s as close to authentic products as you can get,” said owner and farmer Evan McCommon.

The farm’s story began around 1927 when Evan’s great uncle “Happy” MaHaffey started buying land to start farming. After his death in 1953 and many years of prosperous farming, his widow Nora preserved the land for future generations. Thanks to Evan’s dedication and hard work, he brought back the family farm, making his first sales in 2012.

For the best beef, perfect pork, various vegetables and choice chicken products, visit their online store at

Mahaffey Farms is one of the many attractions that can be found in Louisiana North, also known as Sportsman Paradise. The cities/parishes that comprise Louisiana North offer exciting activities like great cultural attractions, superb festivals, tantalizing local restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shopping adventures. Natchitoches Parish is a part of Louisiana North.