Students win prizes at Magnet’s Reading Fair


The Natchitoches Magnet School held a Reading Fair. The winners were announced at the event Thursday night, March 2. First and second place winners received a Readers are Leaders bracelet and medal and a free dress down day. First place winners got a $10 concession coupon, second place winners got a $6 coupon, third place got a $4 coupon and bracelet and honorable mentions got a $4 coupon. First Place teachers in the Faculty Division received a coupon for $50 Mustang Bucks.

Division A: Individual Non Fiction- Second Grade

First Place- Nathaniel Young (What was the Great Chicago Fire?)
Second Place- Braddox Bridges (Born to be a Tiger)
Third Place- Bayla Procell (David and Goliath)

Division B: Individual Fiction- Second and Fourth Grade

First Place- Ronald Bolton (Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea)
Second Place- Jaxon Harrell (Mystery on the Lego Express)
Third Place- Alexis Broadway (The Notebook of Doom: Sneeze of the Octo-Schnozz)

Division C: Group Non Fiction- First, Third and Fourth Grade

First Place- Jacob French, Bryan Chen and Marquis Miles (A Log’s Life)
Second Place- Huntar Goings and Matthew Dawson (Sodako)
Third Place- Gabby, Saniah, William, Amilyan and Patrick (I am Rosa Parks)

Division D: Group Fiction- First, Third and Fourth Grade

First Place- Natalie Hyde and Mallory Lacour (The Crayon Box that Talked)
Second Place- Maggie Sampey and Sienna Henderson (Tornado)
Third Place- Jamier Wilson and DaNiyah Young (Fantastic Flying Book)

Division E: Group Fiction- Fifth through Eighth Grade

First Place- SydneeAnn Bryant, Jessica Poole, Dinah Ellzey and Shilah Vance (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
Second Place- Brycen Jones, Elan Monette, Garrett Lacaze and Jilian Thompson (James and the Giant Peach)
Third Place- Megan Helaire, Martinique Lacy, Kimora Hardwell and Diamond Smith (Esperanza Rising)
Honorable Mention- Annie Broadway, Cenaiya Ratliff, Colby Jett and Deserae Charles (Out of the Dust)
Honorable Mention- Aziza Coutee, Baily Willis and Charia Ratliff (The Monkey’s Paw)

Division F: Faculty Non Fiction and Fiction

First Place- Hymes and Simmons (Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night)
Second Place- Ferguson and Neighbors (A Tree is Growing)
Third Place- Goings and Bailey (The Making of a Scientist)
Third Place- Parish and Schultz (Written in Bone)

Alexis BroadwayBayla ProcellBraddox BridgesBrycen Jones, Elan Monette Garrett Lacaze and Jillian ThompsonCenaiya Ratliff, Colby Jett, Annie Broadway and Deserae CharlesCharia Ratliff, Aziza Coutee and Baily WillisDaNiyah Young and Jamier WilsonDinah Ellzey, Jessica, Shilah Vance and SydneeAnn BryantGabby, Saniah, William, Amilyan and PatrickHuntar Goings and Matthew DawsonJaxon HarrellMaggie Sampey and Sienna HendersonMarquis Miles, Bryan Chen and Jacob FrenchMegan Helaire, Martinique Lacy, Kimora Hardwell and Diamond SmithNatalie Hyde and Mallory LacourNathaniel YoungRonald Bolton

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  1. * Correction*. Division A- individual non-fiction second grade- Second place is Braddox * Bridges ( not Braddon )

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