Students win prizes at Magnet’s Reading Fair


The Natchitoches Magnet School held a Reading Fair. The winners were announced at the event Thursday night, March 2. First and second place winners received a Readers are Leaders bracelet and medal and a free dress down day. First place winners got a $10 concession coupon, second place winners got a $6 coupon, third place got a $4 coupon and bracelet and honorable mentions got a $4 coupon. First Place teachers in the Faculty Division received a coupon for $50 Mustang Bucks.

Division A: Individual Non Fiction- Second Grade

First Place- Nathaniel Young (What was the Great Chicago Fire?)
Second Place- Braddox Bridges (Born to be a Tiger)
Third Place- Bayla Procell (David and Goliath)

Division B: Individual Fiction- Second and Fourth Grade

First Place- Ronald Bolton (Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea)
Second Place- Jaxon Harrell (Mystery on the Lego Express)
Third Place- Alexis Broadway (The Notebook of Doom: Sneeze of the Octo-Schnozz)

Division C: Group Non Fiction- First, Third and Fourth Grade

First Place- Jacob French, Bryan Chen and Marquis Miles (A Log’s Life)
Second Place- Huntar Goings and Matthew Dawson (Sodako)
Third Place- Gabby, Saniah, William, Amilyan and Patrick (I am Rosa Parks)

Division D: Group Fiction- First, Third and Fourth Grade

First Place- Natalie Hyde and Mallory Lacour (The Crayon Box that Talked)
Second Place- Maggie Sampey and Sienna Henderson (Tornado)
Third Place- Jamier Wilson and DaNiyah Young (Fantastic Flying Book)

Division E: Group Fiction- Fifth through Eighth Grade

First Place- SydneeAnn Bryant, Jessica Poole, Dinah Ellzey and Shilah Vance (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
Second Place- Brycen Jones, Elan Monette, Garrett Lacaze and Jilian Thompson (James and the Giant Peach)
Third Place- Megan Helaire, Martinique Lacy, Kimora Hardwell and Diamond Smith (Esperanza Rising)
Honorable Mention- Annie Broadway, Cenaiya Ratliff, Colby Jett and Deserae Charles (Out of the Dust)
Honorable Mention- Aziza Coutee, Baily Willis and Charia Ratliff (The Monkey’s Paw)

Division F: Faculty Non Fiction and Fiction

First Place- Hymes and Simmons (Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night)
Second Place- Ferguson and Neighbors (A Tree is Growing)
Third Place- Goings and Bailey (The Making of a Scientist)
Third Place- Parish and Schultz (Written in Bone)

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  1. * Correction*. Division A- individual non-fiction second grade- Second place is Braddox * Bridges ( not Braddon )

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