The Johnson’s Journey to Louisiana

A fictional story by Junior Johnson

It was cold and damp as the Johnson’s departed their little farm in the Mississippi Delta for their two day journey to Cane River in Louisiana.

They’d worked through the night packing what they’d need on their trip, and it was nearing daybreak as their traveling party moved out.

Sheriff Jones was sending two of his most trusted deputies to protect them, and Reverend Cryer made arrangements to travel with them. Neighbors would watch over the farm in their absence.

Plans were to travel to Natchez, Miss. where they’d board a riverboat traveling south to Baton Rouge. They’d make connections along the way to the Red River which would take them to Natchitoches, Louisiana. From there they’d travel over land to Cloutierville, and meet up with their relatives.

Even though everyone was tired and exhausted from their long night’s work, they knew they’d have to stay alert because Captain John Winston and his band of hoodlums could be anywhere along the way to cause them harm.

It was late that evening when they finally arrived at the boarding dock in Natchez. Under the watchful eyes of the deputies they experienced no trouble along the way.

Aiden and Dylan were excited as all of their traveling party boarded the Mississippi Queen riverboat. Neither they, nor Mrs. Johnson had ever been on a vessel this size before.

Accommodations were made for their wagon and horses, and after a much needed dinner they tried to get some rest.

Captain John Winston and his men weren’t far behind. Even though he had no one who knew the exact plans the Johnson’s made, he had spies throughout the area who were on the lookout for them. There were few options available for the family except river travel.

By the time Winston and his hoodlums arrived in Natchez, the Johnson’s were already on their way to make their connections to Red River and their journey to Natchitoches.

Although they were safe for the time being, danger was not far behind the Johnson traveling party. They were able to get some rest during the night before making connections for the last part of their journey on the Red River to Natchitoches.

The deputies knew the riverboat Captain and he allowed Aiden and Dylan to join him in the wheelhouse of the boat as they traveled upriver. The Captain even allowed them to blow the whistle as they passed traffic on the mighty Red River. They were thrilled to death, and felt safe, for the time being.

Captain John Winston and his traveling party of hoodlums had boarded the next boat departing Natchez and were happy when they learned that the Johnson’s were on the boat just hours ahead of them. They laughed and relaxed at the bar throwing back drinks, knowing it was just a matter of time before the Johnson’s would be dead, and anyone else who tried to prevent their demise.

No one was safe from John Winston, even the Johnson’s…..At least that was what he thought.

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  1. VERY Interesting reading Junior! I look forward to seeing how the “fictional” characters develop in the next part of the story!

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