Young at Heart group celebrates St. Patty’s Day

March Birthdays-FUMC
The Young at Heart group met at the First United Methodist Church March 1. The theme of St. Patrick was used in decorations by  Jolene Anders and Betty Whitehead of the Blanch Bostick Circle of Methodist Women. Rev. Doug de Graffenried gave the prayer.

Elaine Johnson was recognized as a first time guest. Special guests were from the Council on Aging. March Birthdays were celebrated by Mildred McTyre, John Brewer, Charlsie Coker, pictured, and Sonny Evans

Jessica McGrath with the Natchitoches Parish Library brought a 3-D printer that will make sculpture copies.  She made a small Eiffel Tower while there.  When asked about the activity at the Campti Branch of the parish system, she reported it was well used.

The Bookmobile is still making rounds in the parish, and though the roads are bad the library tax would only pave about 2 miles of highway.  For the year that would be about $2 million.  When asked if we should vote on March 25 for the continued 10 mill parish library tax and the road tax she said yes, vote for both.

The group had a nice lunch. The church provides fried chicken and attendees can bring a covered dish or $3 to cover the cost.  The next meeting is April 4 and a program of Northwestern Art and Drama with Vicki Parrish.