Improvements are underway to bring fresher water to East Natchitoches system 

While motorists may feel inconvenienced as they drive through water logged areas in the vicinity of the Keyser Avenue and South Drive intersection, Utility Director Charles Brossette says these are signs of improvements underway in the City.

The work, which should be finished by today, March 22, will bring fresher water to the East Natchitoches system, which includes the northern part of Williams Avenue.

The work includes tying into the main water line that runs along Keyser and running a new line across Cane River to the water plant off of Jefferson Street, which creates a quicker route for the water to flow.

The hydrants are flowing around the Keyser and South intersection because workers have to move a block that’s holding a plug in on a valve. They don’t want the valve to slip off the end of the high pressure line because then there would be no way to cut the water off. So, the hydrants are run to lower the pressure so the workers can make the tie in.