Discover Your State: American Rose Center

Discover Rose Center

Natchitoches – Shreveport
Miles: ~ 83

By Corey Poole

Not only was I unaware that the Gardens of the American Rose Center in Shreveport even existed, but I was also awestruck by the sheer number of rose varieties there are.
The Center features over 65 individual rose gardens and 20,000 rosebushes with other flora, sculptures and water features.

With 118-acres there’s enough roses in the gardens to keep avid gardeners and rose admirers busy for hours. The official garden season is from April through the end of October. The peak Rose Blooming seasons are Mid-April to Late-May and Mid-September to Mid-October — depending on weather. At the end of the year, the gardens are magically transformed into a winter wonderland of twinkling lights for Christmas in Roseland.

While there are thousands of roses varieties available, there are three major groups, including:
Species Roses: Known as Wild Roses these types have been growing in the wild for hundreds of thousands of years.
Old Garden Roses: Roses cultivated before 1867.
Modern Garden Roses: Roses introduced after 1867.
Within these three groups, roses are further divided by their growth habits, foilage and flower forms.

The American Rose Center is the headquarters for the American Rose Society. The ARS headquarters moved to Shreveport from Columbus, Ohio in 1974. Founded in 1892, the ARS is the oldest single plant horticultural society in America. The ARS is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to the cultivation and enjoyment of roses. It has over 300 affiliated rose societies in its national network.

Take a quick trip to Shreveport and take time to discover the roses. It’s worth the gas to stop and smell the sweet scents of a Spiced Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Oranges ‘n’ Lemons, Raspberry Cream Twirl and more. And no, these aren’t drinks at your local coffee shop. They’re just a few of the delicious rose varieties you’ll find in the gardens at the American Rose Center.

The American Rose Center is one of the many attractions that can be found in Louisiana North, also known as Sportsman Paradise. The cities/parishes that comprise Louisiana North offer exciting activities like great cultural attractions, superb festivals, tantalizing local restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shopping adventures. Natchitoches Parish is a part of Louisiana North.